Astra Felt/Fabric Notice Boards

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Astra Chrome Super Boards For Colleges and Schools
November 19, 2015
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Astra Combination/Cork Boards
November 19, 2015
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Astra Felt/Fabric Notice Boards

Astra Felt Fabric Notice Boards in Cochin Ernakulam



Framed in double sided curved Astra aluminum section, matt silver anodized.
Direct easy fixing of board to the wall.
Six different colours of felt available.
Use Push Pins, Map tacks ect. Push Pins available.
Colours: Green, Red, Blue, Grey, Maroon, Beige
Special fabric enhances the decor of the office or any establishment.
Four different shades available.
You can use push pins.
Colours of Fabrics : Grey, Beige, Blue, Brown

Pins For Astra Felt/Fabric Notice Boards

Used on felt or cork notice boards
Modern design.
Six colours : Green, Red, Blue, Yellow, White & black.
12 Push pins in one plastic container.
6 containers in one printed box.

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