Panda Shelf Bins Supplier Kochi Ernakulam

Panda bin shelving system in Ernakulam Kerala
Panda Bin Shelving System
November 12, 2015
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Panda Shelf Bins Supplier Kochi Ernakulam

Panda Shelf Bins Supplier Kochi Ernakulam

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If you're looking to organize, store or hold any of your supplies, toys, equipment or inventory but don't know what to use, you're in the right place. Well, panda shelf bins will save you money since they won't have to be replaced. They are heavy-duty and easily washed, leaving you no reason to replace them. So just spend the money on Plastic Shelf Bins one time, and never waste money on storage bins or cardboard boxes again. Economy Shelf Bins are used by professionals in all industries. Their low price tag is due to the fact that they are not stackable bins, so less material is required to manufacture them. While Shelf Bins don't stack, they can be nested inside of each other when you're not using them to help save valuable space. These are the types of bins that you will see being used in warehouses, retail stores, pharmacies and hospitals.

Why Choose Panda Shelf Bins

Panda Shelf Bins are the most economical replacement and alternative to cardboard boxes and corrugated boxes. Alkon panda shelf bins are a tough and heavy-duty storage solution. They will not get worn out from constant use like cardboard and corrugated boxes & they nest inside of each other when they're empty. They have label slots on the front.

Who uses Shelf Bins?

Shelf Bins are used in warehouses, shelf bins for storing medecine in hospitals, pharmacies, offices and even in the home. These are the perfect solution for storing your parts regardless of industry. Our Shelf Bins are used to store: auto parts, aviation parts, warehouse parts, school parts, retail parts, hardware parts, screws, nuts and bolts, plumbing parts, electrician parts and many others.

Buy shelf bins for healthcare facilities

All Healthcare Facilities, from Hospitals to Rehab Centers to Pharmacies, need to maintain a high level of cleanliness, efficiency and organization. Every room must always remain neat, clean, safe and sanitized. Plastic Shelf Bins will help your staff be able to keep your supplies neatly organized and stored, while remaining clean and secure, which is why shelf bins are used by professionals in all healthcare settings. From pharmacies to operating rooms, shelf bins will help you improve your efficiency and keep your patients and customers happy, which is why we also have them listed as Medical Bins.

Buy shelf bins for a warehouse

In a warehouse, these bins are typically used on a shelving unit. Using Shelves with Storage Bins is so helpful to the warehouse workers in so many different ways. It helps keep parts from being scattered all over the warehouse and it also helps keep parts, garbage and everything else off of the ground. You can easily color coordinate your warehouse by using shelf bins, helping all of the employees quickly locate whatever parts they're currently searching for. Whether you are an electronics retailer, an auto parts store, an electrician or a plumber, using plastic shelf bins in your warehouse, one way or another, is going to improve your efficiency and help you retain your customers or clients. Reducing human error is pretty critical to customer service, and using Shelving with Bins is a great way to help keep your customers happy and coming back.


Designed to fit roll post shelving systems.
Twelve standard sizes to suit 300 mm, 400 mm, 500mm & 600 mm deep shelving.
Integral back stop for clear viewing of PANDA BIN contents.
Dividers are notched to ensure positive location within the bins.
PANDA BINS feature a small handle to allow maximum area of the front face for sticking identification labels.
The PANDA BINS use a unique design for added strength.

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