Supra Bins Supplier Kerala

Bull Bin Material Storage Supplier in Kochi Kerala
Bull Bins Supplier Kerala
November 12, 2015
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Hippo Bins Supplier Kerala
November 12, 2015
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Supra Bins Supplier Kerala

supra bin distributor in Kerala

The perfect solution for storing small stuff in automobile and hospitals

MADE FROM POLYPROPYLENE COPOLYMER. Strong rear lip for use with louvre panels. Strong heavy duty reinforced base, sides & stacking rim. Resistance to most industrial solvents, withstands higher temperature. Clear access to contents. All bins with identification card holders. ncorporates a safety stop feature in SB4/5/6 at the back for use in shelves.

Supra Bin Partitions

Other useful plastic accessories to match the Supra Bins range include Bin partitions.

Louvre Panels

The Louvre panels are made from powder coated 1.5 mm CRCA steel, and come in four sizes. These louvre panels can be easily fitted on walls or on a special stand provided.

Louvre Panel Stand Fss/L/L2/L3

Free standing stand FSS/L can be fitted with two numbers of LP2 LOUVRE PANELS on each side. Order louvre panels and bins seperately.

Shop Floor Trolley

Alkon Shop Floor Trolleys can be used single sided or double sided as per requirement. Ideal for component storage and transfer to assembly or production areas. Unit comprises of base unit with aluminium chequered top plate fitted with castors and a frame on which two louvre panels of size LP2 can be fitted on each side. Robust construction, Epoxy powder coated, easy assembly & has push pull handle on both sides.

Shop Floor Rotary Stand

Alkon shop floor rotary stand has two tier system. Four louvre panels of size SB LP2 in each tier rotate on a thrust bearing. Easy rotation when loaded. Each tier rotates independently. Fully epoxy powder coated with sturdy steel base. Can hold different sizes of bins as per your requirement. Rotary stand is supplied without louvre panels and Bins Order louvre panels and Bins separately

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